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Product Description

YEJ2 series YEJ-132S-4-5.5KW electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor electric motor

Applications Widely used for driving machine tools, printing machinery, forging press, transport machinery, packing machinery, food machinery, construction machinery, and woodworking machinery where quick stop, accurate braking, reciprocated operation are demanded.

Rated Voltage: 220/440V, 220/380V, 380/660V, 415V or request
Frame sizes 80 to 225
Rated Frequency: 50HZ,60HZ
Rated Power: 0.18 to 200kW
Efficiency levels IE1, IE2, IE3          
Insulation Class: F
Altitude: ≤1000m
Features: Electromagnetic brake, fast braking, energy saving, simple structure, exact position.
Protection Class: IP55
Cooling Method: IC411 - TEFC  
Braking mode: Power failure brake
Duty: S1
Mounting: B3,B5,B35,V1


2  Pole  Specifications   
MODEL KW HP RPM HZ Amps @ 380V Frame Insulation Class Efficient % Power factor Cos Tst/TN Ist/IN Tmax/TN
YEJ2-801-2 0.75 1.00  2825 50 1.8  80M1 F 75 0.84 2.2 6.5 2.3
YEJ2-802-2 1.1 1.5 2825 50 2.5  80M2 F 77 0.86 2.2 7 2.3
YEJ2-90S-2 1.5 2.0  2840 50 3.4 90S F 78.5 0.85 2.2 7 2.3
YEJ2-90L-2 2.2 3.0  2840 50 4.8  90L F 81 0.86 2.2 7 2.3
YEJ2-100L-2 3.0  4.0  2880 50 6.4  100L F 82.6 0.87 2.2 7 2.3
YEJ2-112M-2 4.0  5.5 2890 50 8.2 112M F 84.2 0.88 2.2 7 2.3
YEJ2-132S1-2 5.5 7.5 2900 50 11.1  132S1 F 85.7 0.88 2 7 2.3
YEJ2-132S2-2 7.5 10 2900 50 15.0  132S2 F 87 0.88 2 7 2.3
YEJ2-160M1-2 11 15 2930 50 21.8  160M1 F 88.4 0.88 2 7 2.2
YEJ2-160M2-2 15 20 2930 50 29.4  160M2 F 89.4 0.88 2 7 2.2
YEJ2-160L-2 18.5 25 2930 50 35.5  160L F 90 0.89 2 7 2.2
YEJ2-180M-2 22 30 2940 50 42.2  180M F 90.5 0.89 2 7 2.2
YEJ2-200L1-2 30 40 2950 50 56.9  200L1 F 91.4 0.89 2 7 2.2
YEJ2-200L2-2 37 50 2950 50 69.8 200L2 F 92 0.89 2 7 2.2
YEJ2-225M-2 45 60 2970 50 84.0  225M F 92.5 0.89 2 7 2.2
 4 Pole  Specifications   
MODEL KW HP RPM HZ Amps @ 380V Frame Insulation Class Efficient % Power factor Cos Tst/TN Ist/IN Tmax/TN
YEJ2-801-4 0.55 0.75  1390 50 1.5 80M1 F 73 0.76 2.4 6 2.3
YEJ2-802-4 0.75 1 1390 50 2 80M2 F 74.5 0.76 2.3 6 2.3
YEJ2-90S-4 1.1 1.5  1400 50 2.7 90S F 78 0.78 2.3 6.5 2.3
YEJ2-90L-4 1.5 2.0  1400 50 3.7 90L F 79 0.79 2.3 6.5 2.3
YEJ2-100L1-4 2.2  3.0  1420 50 5 100L1 F 81 0.82 2.2 7 2.3
YEJ2-100L2-4 3.0  4 1420 50 6.8 100L2 F 82.5 0.81 2.2 7 2.3
YEJ2-112M-4 4 5.5 1440 50 8.8 112M F 84.5 0.82 2.2 7 2.3
YEJ2-132S-4 5.5 7.5 1440 50 11.6 132S1 F 85.5 0.84 2.2 7 2.3
YEJ2-132M-4 7.5 10 1440 50 15.4 132M F 87 0.85 2.2 7 2.3
YEJ2-160M-4 11 15 1460 50 22.6 160M F 88 0.84 2.2 7 2.3
YEJ2-160L-4 15 20 1460 50 30 160L F 88.5 0.85 2.2 7 2.2
YEJ2-180M-4 18.5 25 1470 50 35.9 180M F 91 0.86 2.2 7 2.2
YEJ2-180L-4 22 30 1470 50 42.5 180L F 91.5 0.86 2.2 7 2.2
YEJ2-200L-4 30 40 1470 50 56.8 200L F 92.2 0.87 2.2 7 2.2
YEJ2-225S-4 37 50 1480 50 70.4 225S F 91.8 0.87 1.9 7 2.2
YEJ2-225M-4 45 60 1480 50 84.2 225M F 92.3 0.88 1.9 7 2.2
 6 Pole  Specifications   
MODEL KW HP RPM HZ Amps @ 380V Frame Insulation Class Efficient % Power factor Cos Tst/TN Ist/IN Tmax/TN
YEJ2-90S-6 0.75 1.0  910 50 2.3 90S F 72.5 0.7 2 5.5 2.2
YEJ2-90L-6 1.1 1.5  910 50 3.2 90L F 73.5 0.72 2 5.5 2.2
YEJ2-100L-6 1.5  2.0  940 50 4 100L F 77.5 0.74 2 6 2.2
YEJ2-112M-6 2.2  3 960 50 5.6 112M F 80.5 0.74 2 6 2.2
YEJ2-132S-6 3 4 960 50 7.2 132S F 83 0.76 2 6.5 2.2
YEJ2-132M1-6 4 5.5 960 50 9.4 132M1 F 84 0.77 2 6.5 2.2
YEJ2-132M2-6 5.5 7.5 960 50 12.6 132M2 F 85.3 0.78 2 6.5 2
YEJ2-160M-6 7.5 10 970 50 17 160M F 86 0.78 2 6.5 2
YEJ2-160L-6 11 15 970 50 24.6 160L F 87 0.78 2 6.5 2
YEJ2-180L-6 15 20 970 50 31.4 180M F 89.5 0.81 6.5 6.5 2
YEJ2-200L1-6 18.5 25 980 50 37.7 200L1 F 89.8 0.83 6.5 6.5 2
YEJ2-200L2-6 22 30 980 50 44.6 200L2 F 90.2 0.83 6.5 6.5 2
YEJ2-225M-6 30 40 980 50 59.3  225M F 90.2 0.85 6.5 6.5 2
 8 Pole  Specifications   
MODEL KW HP RPM HZ Amps @ 380V Frame Insulation Class Efficient % Power factor Cos Tst/TN Ist/IN Tmax/TN
YEJ2-132S-8 2.2  5.8 710 50 5.8 132S F 80.5 0.71 2 5.5 2
YEJ2-132M-8 3 7.7 710 50 7.7 132M F 82 0.72 2 5.5 2
YEJ2-160M1-8 4 9.9 720 50 9.9 160M1 F 84 0.73 2 6 2
YEJ2-160M2-8 5.5 13.3 720 50 13.3 160M2 F 85 0.74 2 6 2
YEJ2-160L-8 7.5 17.7 720 50 17.7 160L F 86 0.75 2 5.5 2
YEJ2-180L-8 11 24.8 730 50 24.8 180L F 87.5 0.77 1.7 6 2
YEJ2-200L-8 15 34.1 730 50 34.1 200L F 88 0.76 1.8 6 2
YEJ2-225S-8 18.5 41.3 735 50 41.3 225S F 89.5 0.78 1.7 6 2
YEJ2-225M-8 22 47.6 735 50 47.6 225M F 90 0.78 1.8 6 2


ZHangZhoug CHINAMFG Motor Co., Ltd is a medium-sized enterprise with a registered capital of 10 million, which integrates research, development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. ; In order to comprehensively consider the long-term strategic layout, and to ensure that the products continue to have comprehensive advantages in the market in 2013, the company integrated several upstream suppliers and companies, and gathered a number of scientific researchers in the important R&D links of motors to provide our company products in the terminal. The positioning of special machinery and equipment for market enterprises has laid a CHINAMFG foundation; the company has integrated the original management experience into the quality management system of GB/T19001-2008 and IS09001:2008, and the products have passed CE certification to ensure the quality of CHINAMFG Motors Long-lasting and stable performance; the company has always adhered to the marketing concept of "manufacturing high-quality products with character, and occupying the market with high-quality products", focusing on building excellent brands, continuously improving enterprise quality, and pursuing progress and development In the course of years of development, CHINAMFG has built a customer-centric marketing network. Its products sell well in nearly 30 provinces and foreign regions across the country, and are well received by consumers, especially by old customers.

Pinyi's main products:CE certificate/New National Standard GB/T28575-2012 1 Secondary Energy Efficiency/P55:
* YE4 Super High Eficiency Secondary Energy Efficiency Motor;
* YE3 Super High Efficiency Energy Saving Series Three -phase Asynchronous Motor;
* YE3 Super High Efficiency Energy Saving Aluminum Shell Motor;
* YVF2 Frequency conversion series 3 -phase asynchronous motor;
* YD2 series two-speed multi-speed 3 phase asynchronous motor;
* YEJ2 series electromagnetic brake three- phase asynchronous motor;
* YBX3 series flameproof three- phase asynchronous motor;
* YVFEJ2 series variable frequency brake three-phase asynchronous motor,
* YDEJ series Multi-speed electromagnetic brake three. phase asynchronous motor, oil pump motor,
* special motor for stone machinery and equipment, custom-made motors with special specifications for power
requirements, and motors with different frequencies and different pressures.
* The protection grades include IP55, IP66, etc. and various special motors derived from them.

In line with the principle of "customer first, integrity first', the company has established long-term cooperative relations with
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1,Q: Can you make as per customer drawing?
A: Yes, we offer customized service for customers accordingly. We can use customer's nameplate for the electric molors.

2. Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: 30% deposit before production,balance T/T before delivery.

3. Q: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
A.We are a manufacurer with advanced equ pment and experienced workers.

4. Q: What's your production capacity?
A:4000-5000 PCS/MONTH.

5. Q: Free sample Is available or not?
A:Yes, we can supply free sample if customer agree to pay for the courier cost.

6. Q: Do you have any certiflcate?
A:Yes, we have CE certificate and SGS certificate report.


Application: Industrial, Power Tools
Operating Speed: Adjust Speed
Number of Stator: Three-Phase
Rotor Structure: Squirrel-Cage
Casing Protection: Protection Type
Number of Poles: 4


brake motor

How do brake motors impact the overall productivity of manufacturing processes?

Brake motors have a significant impact on the overall productivity of manufacturing processes by enhancing operational efficiency, improving safety, and enabling precise control over motion. They play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and controlled movement, which is vital for the seamless operation of machinery and equipment. Here's a detailed explanation of how brake motors impact the overall productivity of manufacturing processes:

  • Precise Control and Positioning: Brake motors enable precise control over the speed, acceleration, and deceleration of machinery and equipment. This precise control allows for accurate positioning, alignment, and synchronization of various components, resulting in improved product quality and reduced errors. The ability to precisely control the motion enhances the overall productivity of manufacturing processes by minimizing waste, rework, and downtime.
  • Quick Deceleration and Stopping: Brake motors provide fast and controlled deceleration and stopping capabilities. This is particularly important in manufacturing processes that require frequent changes in speed or direction. The ability to rapidly decelerate and stop equipment allows for efficient handling of workpieces, quick tool changes, and seamless transitions between manufacturing steps. It reduces cycle times and improves overall productivity by minimizing unnecessary delays and optimizing throughput.
  • Improved Safety: Brake motors enhance safety in manufacturing processes by providing reliable braking functionality. They help prevent coasting or unintended movement of equipment when power is cut off or during emergency situations. The braking capability of brake motors contributes to the safe operation of machinery, protects personnel, and prevents damage to equipment or workpieces. By ensuring a safe working environment, brake motors help maintain uninterrupted production and minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.
  • Enhanced Equipment Performance: The integration of brake motors into manufacturing equipment improves overall performance. Brake motors work in conjunction with motor control devices, such as variable frequency drives (VFDs) or servo systems, to optimize motor operation. This integration allows for efficient power utilization, reduced energy consumption, and improved responsiveness. By maximizing equipment performance, brake motors contribute to higher productivity, lower operational costs, and increased output.
  • Reduced Downtime and Maintenance: Brake motors are designed for durability and reliability, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and minimizing downtime. The robust construction and high-quality components of brake motors ensure long service life and consistent performance. This reliability translates into fewer unplanned shutdowns, reduced maintenance requirements, and improved overall equipment availability. By minimizing downtime and maintenance-related interruptions, brake motors contribute to increased productivity and manufacturing efficiency.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Brake motors offer flexibility and adaptability in manufacturing processes. They can be integrated into various types of machinery and equipment, spanning different industries and applications. Brake motors can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as adjusting brake torque or incorporating specific control algorithms. This adaptability allows manufacturers to optimize their processes, accommodate changing production needs, and increase overall productivity.

In summary, brake motors impact the overall productivity of manufacturing processes by providing precise control and positioning, enabling quick deceleration and stopping, improving safety, enhancing equipment performance, reducing downtime and maintenance, and offering flexibility and adaptability. Their role in ensuring smooth and controlled movement, combined with their reliable braking functionality, contributes to efficient and seamless manufacturing operations, ultimately leading to increased productivity, improved product quality, and cost savings.

brake motor

What factors should be considered when selecting the right brake motor for a task?

When selecting the right brake motor for a task, several factors should be carefully considered to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with the specific application requirements. These factors help determine the suitability of the brake motor for the intended task and play a crucial role in achieving efficient and reliable operation. Here's a detailed explanation of the key factors that should be considered when selecting a brake motor:

1. Load Characteristics: The characteristics of the load being driven by the brake motor are essential considerations. Factors such as load size, weight, and inertia influence the torque, power, and braking requirements of the motor. It is crucial to accurately assess the load characteristics to select a brake motor with the appropriate power rating, torque capacity, and braking capability to handle the specific load requirements effectively.

2. Stopping Requirements: The desired stopping performance of the brake motor is another critical factor to consider. Different applications may have specific stopping time, speed, or precision requirements. The brake motor should be selected based on its ability to meet these stopping requirements, such as adjustable braking torque, controlled response time, and stability during stopping. Understanding the desired stopping behavior is crucial for selecting a brake motor that can provide the necessary control and accuracy.

3. Environmental Conditions: The operating environment in which the brake motor will be installed plays a significant role in its selection. Factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, vibration, and corrosive substances can affect the performance and lifespan of the motor. It is essential to choose a brake motor that is designed to withstand the specific environmental conditions of the application, ensuring reliable and durable operation over time.

4. Mounting and Space Constraints: The available space and mounting requirements should be considered when selecting a brake motor. The physical dimensions and mounting options of the motor should align with the space constraints and mounting configuration of the application. It is crucial to ensure that the brake motor can be properly installed and integrated into the existing machinery or system without compromising the performance or safety of the overall setup.

5. Power Supply: The availability and characteristics of the power supply should be taken into account. The voltage, frequency, and power quality of the electrical supply should match the specifications of the brake motor. It is important to consider factors such as single-phase or three-phase power supply, voltage fluctuations, and compatibility with other electrical components to ensure proper operation and avoid electrical issues or motor damage.

6. Brake Type and Design: Different brake types, such as electromagnetic brakes or spring-loaded brakes, offer specific advantages and considerations. The choice of brake type should align with the requirements of the application, taking into account factors such as braking torque, response time, and reliability. The design features of the brake, such as braking surface area, cooling methods, and wear indicators, should also be evaluated to ensure efficient and long-lasting braking performance.

7. Regulatory and Safety Standards: Compliance with applicable regulatory and safety standards is crucial when selecting a brake motor. Depending on the industry and application, specific standards and certifications may be required. It is essential to choose a brake motor that meets the necessary standards and safety requirements to ensure the protection of personnel, equipment, and compliance with legal obligations.

8. Cost and Lifecycle Considerations: Finally, the cost-effectiveness and lifecycle considerations should be evaluated. This includes factors such as initial investment, maintenance requirements, expected lifespan, and availability of spare parts. It is important to strike a balance between upfront costs and long-term reliability, selecting a brake motor that offers a favorable cost-to-performance ratio and aligns with the expected lifecycle and maintenance budget.

Considering these factors when selecting a brake motor helps ensure that the chosen motor is well-suited for the intended task, provides reliable and efficient operation, and meets the specific requirements of the application. Proper evaluation and assessment of these factors contribute to the overall success and performance of the brake motor in its designated task.

brake motor

Can you explain the primary purpose of a brake motor in machinery?

The primary purpose of a brake motor in machinery is to provide controlled stopping and holding of loads. A brake motor combines the functionality of an electric motor and a braking system into a single unit, offering convenience and efficiency in various industrial applications. Here's a detailed explanation of the primary purpose of a brake motor in machinery:

1. Controlled Stopping: One of the main purposes of a brake motor is to achieve controlled and rapid stopping of machinery. When power is cut off or the motor is turned off, the braking mechanism in the brake motor engages, creating friction and halting the rotation of the motor shaft. This controlled stopping is crucial in applications where precise and quick stopping is required to ensure the safety of operators, prevent damage to equipment, or maintain product quality. Industries such as material handling, cranes, and conveyors rely on brake motors to achieve efficient and controlled stopping of loads.

2. Load Holding: Brake motors are also designed to hold loads in a stationary position when the motor is not actively rotating. The braking mechanism in the motor engages when the power is cut off, preventing any unintended movement of the load. Load holding is essential in applications where it is necessary to maintain the position of the machinery or prevent the load from sliding or falling. For instance, in vertical applications like elevators or lifts, brake motors hold the load in place when the motor is not actively driving the movement.

3. Safety and Emergency Situations: Brake motors play a critical role in ensuring safety and mitigating risks in machinery. In emergency situations or power failures, the braking system of a brake motor provides an immediate response, quickly stopping the rotation of the motor shaft and preventing any uncontrolled movement of the load. This rapid and controlled stopping enhances the safety of operators and protects both personnel and equipment from potential accidents or damage.

4. Precision and Positioning: Brake motors are utilized in applications that require precise positioning or accurate control of loads. The braking mechanism allows for fine-tuned control, enabling operators to position machinery or loads with high accuracy. Industries such as robotics, CNC machines, and assembly lines rely on brake motors to achieve precise movements, ensuring proper alignment, accuracy, and repeatability. The combination of motor power and braking functionality in a brake motor facilitates intricate and controlled operations.

Overall, the primary purpose of a brake motor in machinery is to provide controlled stopping, load holding, safety in emergency situations, and precise positioning. By integrating the motor and braking system into a single unit, brake motors streamline the operation and enhance the functionality of various industrial applications. Their reliable and efficient braking capabilities contribute to improved productivity, safety, and operational control in machinery and equipment.

China Good quality Yej2 Series Yej-132s-4-5.5kw B3 Electromagnetic Brake Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor Electric Motor   manufacturer China Good quality Yej2 Series Yej-132s-4-5.5kw B3 Electromagnetic Brake Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor Electric Motor   manufacturer
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